About Me ;)

My earliest memory of school is actually my first day of school. I remember how I felt very scared and worried that my Mum would leave me. Then though I started painting and having a lot of fun.

I learn best when I am in a quiet and peaceful environment.

My worst trait is that I love everything to be under control and organised.

My best trait is that I am neat and friendly, at least I think I am.

I often wonder if I am liked by others.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done was creating this blog, OH MY GOD IT WAS HORRIFIYING, it took me ages to make it.

The last possession I would give up is My computer.

This term I am looking forward to Community Service.

I would put an image of an ariel view of the CBD at night. Because it looks really cool.

I would love to sit next to all my friends, because they are cool and fun.

If I could invite any 3 people from history to dinner I would invite Adele, because she is an amazing singer, Duffy, She is also a good singer and Simon Baker from The Mentalist, because he is a cool a actor.

My three words describing Melbourne would be Ridiculasly Unpredictable Weather.


5 thoughts on “About Me ;)

  1. Hi Sam,

    This term is likely to be an adventure for you! Your awesome capacity to be organised will be a huge plus to all of your endeavours – however – you will need to develop the ability to embrace a little bit of uncertainty and potentially some chaos!! We will always be there to support you in that – however, Galileo can be unpredictable at times – and it’s a big help when you are able to be creative in the face of mild chaos!

    My impression of you and your friends thus far is that you share a great deal of affection and respect – have you ever thought about asking them for feedback? Or trusting that they love & respect you?

    Congratulations on creating the blog – you’ve made it extremely user friendly for me 🙂

    What kind of community service experience are you hoping for?

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you better this term,



    • I would in general love to do anything for community service. I love helping people when they need it and I am quite excited for community service.

  2. Dear Sam,
    After reading this i feel like i know you a lot better i’m also really excited for community service i feel it will be a great experience for all of us. By reading this i feel we will be good blogging partners because we have the same sort of interests.
    From Alex.

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