Critical Question- How much does Youth and Adult offenses differ?

Critical Question- How much does Youth and Adult offenses differ?

(I switched due to the fact that I felt the question was unanswerable)

The Oxford Dictionary states that an Offense is…

“A breach of a law or rule; an illegal act”

As many of us know offenses are committed every day, from simple acts such as stealing a candy bar to serious acts as murdering a person. Both acts have extremely different consequences. According to (, shoplifters may be arrested and paraded through a store in handcuffs, they may face charges for theft and they may be banned from stores or malls. Murder would most likely lead to jail and will go on some sort of record.

A young offender normally commits very different offenses than what an old offender would commit.

According to (, young people would normally commit crimes such as…

  • Possessing Alcohol
  • Being found drunk and disorderly in a public place
  • Possessing and using drugs
  • Theft, such as stealing a car or shoplifting or even mugging
  • Carrying a weapon
  • Criminal damage
  • Driving without a license

According to ( adults would normally commit crimes such as…

  • Murder
  • Aggravated assault
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Carrying a weapon
  • Prostitution

These are just a few examples for both the Young and Adults.

On Friday my group went out for the whole day. They had completed two types of interviews and had surveyed many different people. What they had ended up with was very interesting. Many people thought that Young offenders only committed crimes such as shoplifted or driving without a license. This was in some way correct, because these types of crimes are committed. The interesting thing here though, is that they had no idea about what other crimes they commit.

After some serious thought I had decided what I thought on this matter. At first I thought that, of course the crimes committed by young people would be tiny compared to the crimes committed by adults. When I found out what the surveyed people thought, I believed I was correct. After my group informed me on what the interviewees said, I was shocked, appalled even that people the same age as me could commit murder or even rape. This information had drastically changed my thinking on the matter and I immediately thought that, no actually adults and the young commit the same amount of crimes. Yet again I was wrong and was happy to read that, no adults commit much more crimes than young people do and that the offenses adults commit are much more different to what a young person would commit.

Now I believe that Youth and Adult offenses differ quite differently and the adults have a much higher rate of crime commitment than what a young person has.


Oxford Dictionary


One thought on “Critical Question- How much does Youth and Adult offenses differ?

  1. Week 9 – Critical Question Assessment

    Options Trail – Law

    Hi Sam,

    Well done on being able to integrate the findings that Reem & Calypso gathered on Options Trail along with your own additional research.

    Your response to the questions [which is a great question – but I neglected to pick up on the grammar issue: How much DO youth and adult offences differ!] is extremely thorough and demonstrates just how complex the issue of anti-social / law breaking behaviour can be.

    I really appreciate the authenticity of your response – and the gradual shift of your perspective – I have the sense that you really gave a great deal of thought to the question and have walked away from your experience with a much better sense of the factors that influence behaviour.

    Well done Sam – this final critical question is your best yet!



    Coherence of argument: level 1 of 1
    Use of evidence: level 1.5 of 2
    Further Research: level 1 of 1
    Multiple Perspectives: level 2 of 2
    Critical Thinking: level 1 of 1
    Expression & language use: level 1 of 1

    These levels refer to the

    Assessment Rubric.

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