Options Week Reflection

This week was a really interesting week with quite a lot of turn. For one I realized I am quite good at being a leader and organising our group so we work efficiently and that we really did a good amount of work. I also saw that my planning skills are pretty good, but I don’t think I would have been as good if I was working alone. Maybe I would have been really good working alone, but maybe I would have been an absolute train wreck.

I also realized that I shouldn’t stress as much as I do about our group and how much we get done in a session, and that if I am not there, no work would be done at all. I think my group performed absolutely amazing on Thursday and we got everything handed in, even though we stayed back for like five minutes, but I think that was because someone was photocopying about 50 pieces of paper.

On Friday I was extremely worried about how my group would work, since I was not there. I was really worried that they would be late for the interviews and that no work would be done, and no people would be surveyed… I know it’s a bit dramatic and stupid, but I am serious, I actually thought nothing would be done. I was relieved when Calypso called me and told me that the interviews had gone really well and that they had already surveyed about 6 people. Since this drama has happened I have got more trust for my group members and feel quite good about everything now.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend school on Friday, and that meant that I missed out on the Trail, this for me was my low light of the Options Trial. The highlight I think would have to be that my group did well without me there and that they got a good deal of information. I really think Calypso was quite good this week; she had done the tasks that I had asked her to do. Reem had done most of her jobs except for a few. I feel as if I had also done my tasks, but I don’t really know and that will probably be judged by them. I really hope they didn’t mind that I was unable to go to school on Friday and that they feel I have contributed to the group.

So basically in short I think that my group has done really well and I am proud of them.


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