Week Eight Reflection

I only knew a small amount of people in 9S2. Most of them were because I was a friend with a certain person and so I was introduced to them… Though over the course of Galileo, I feel that I have gotten to know the people in 9S2 much better than I ever would have if I were not doing Galileo. Galileo has really made 9S1 and 9S2 much closer in my eyes and I believe that because of Galileo we will always have this trust and understanding for each other. At the start of Galileo, I really wished that 9S1 and 9S2 did Galileo separately and not together, but now I am so happy that it wasn’t split because I made new friends and I am happy because of that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really enjoyed being able to choose what our Theme was this week. It makes me feel like I have a lot of control over my learning in Galileo, and I am happy that this week I was able to choose my theme again. I think that being able to choose your own theme is also quite good for the teachers, because they will choose what they want to do and they will be surrounded with children that are interested in the theme as well. I also believe that because a student has chosen his/her topic, they can’t complain about it or hate the teacher for “Forcing them to do something”, since they chose it for themselves, and if they chose it because of peer pressure, well that their fault. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I love being able to choose my own theme.

For the first time I actually feel really confident about our Team Project. We are getting everything completed and everyone knows what job they have to do, and we all work together and listen to each other extremely well. I mainly think this because a partner from our left and ever since this person left we have been doing much more work than we were doing when this person was here, even the group agrees with me on this. I think ever since the Mini Trail presentation our group has changed a lot. Of course one of our team members has left, but I think that this will benefit the group more than expected. I really think our behaviour to everything has changed, but this might just be because I am more comfortable with them now, since I am the only S1 if our Team Project group. Either way I am extremely happy about how our team works together now, and of course I feel sorry for the person that left, but like I said, I think that we have improved a lot more ever since the person left.


3 thoughts on “Week Eight Reflection

  1. Hi Sam,

    What a fantastic turnaround for your team project group 🙂 As disappointing as it is to have lost a member of our home-group – it seems like you and your team are finding your feet and moving forward in a very positive manner – well done!

    You’re right on both counts with regards to choosing your themes – we are passionate about the topics that we offer – which makes it exciting to share with others… And – it’s wonderful to feel confident that everyone in our group is genuinely interested. It makes for a really positive teaching & learning experience!

    I hope that this week is proving to be equally engaging – what theme did you choose [obviously not mindfulness!].


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