Camp Week

I was not on camp…

My week was alright. It was pretty boring except for the main reason that I stayed home. I did the normal things besides that. I looked after my brother the best I could, that included feeding him and other things like that. The rest of the time I was out doing something which I rather wouldn’t discuss and when I had time to myself I would stay on the computer.

I have to say that I would really have enjoyed going to camp, and the most entertaining thing I have done these few days is writing this up and maybe watching a video or movie, which wasn’t really enjoyable by the way. I really can’t wait to go back to school because I really enjoy it. There were a few exciting moments these few days, but nothing amazingly exciting and entertaining.

The most challenging experience I have had these days was being bored and looking after my brother… He is SUCH a cheeky baby, and he can’t sit in the same place for a second. Though it must be said he did give me some entertainment when I wasn’t doing other things.

The way I overcame these challenges was by trying to keep myself busy when I felt like I needed something to do. My brother on the other thing was a hard thing to overcome, and I had to put him to sleep to get him to go to sleep, which would take AGES, and sometimes he wouldn’t even go to sleep which just made more trouble for me, but still it was an enjoyable few days…

I can’t wait to speak to my friends though, because my phone is actually buzzing with messages 🙂


One thought on “Camp Week

  1. Hi Sam,

    It sounds like you made the very best of a challenging week – I am sure that your parents have HUGE appreciation for your ability to be such a caring & responsible big brother & son.

    You were definitely missed on camp – I can only imagine that you would have contributed a wonderful blend of creativity, humour & good will to our adventure 🙂 I hope that hearing all the stories makes you feel like you were there…

    Next week should be really engaging – you will be able to choose the focus of the week’s theme – there will be two very interesting ones on offer 🙂

    Take care of yourself Sam – let me know if there is anything that I can do to support you in any way.


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