Week Five Reflection

Mini Trail

I think the Mini-Trail could have been planned a bit better, because we went to the Magistrates Court on Monday, waited half an hour for court cases to actually begin, stayed there for about 1 more hour, then headed off to the Kurri Heritage place where Reem got some Aboriginal Law History. We also ran quite late because of this and I believe that if we had planned everything better, we would have been on time and had a better experience.

The presentation turned out to be quite a big flop out. It wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped for it to be, and was actually not planned properly and went over the time limit, because we hadn’t rehearsed. Now even though I might be partly to blame I must also add this, I did tell my group that at the beginning of lunch we would meet at the loft and rehearse, I was there like I said, but a few members of the group did not turn up until it was extremely late and the bell had rung. These people were also not contactable and really had left the group down. When it came time to present we were left in a train crash situation, but I do think that we entertained the crowd slightly and that might have brought us up a bit.

I was sort of a leader in our group and I helper. I tried to help the actual leader and give her some ideas. I think I did this part well, I also tried to settle some squabbles in the group but I feel that it hadn’t really worked as I hoped it would. I think I have learnt that I need to maybe give the team a little push, and to realise that even though we are away from mainstream school, it is still school as is still as serious as ever.

Education Week

I think our education system is quite good and teaches us well, though I do think that in the real world when are we ever going to need to use A = B + 2, are we ever going to use it buying food our filling the car with petrol. I think that unless you need it, schools should only teach you basic math, such as subtraction, multiplication, addition and division. Those are the core requirements in life, if you decide that you want to learn complicated math or Algebra or whatever, that’s when you should learn it. So basically what I’m saying is that you should have a choice in what you learn. Of course you can’t give up math, but I think you should have a choice if you want to learn complicated math, if you get what I’m trying to say?

What I’m trying to say is that simple math should be a core subject but complicated math should be a choice, like how we chose to do drama or food tech or whatever it is, except it will be ongoing, like if you do choose to do complicated math then you do it for the whole year, and if you had enough of it you can stop next year. That is the point I am trying to make, that you can decide the complicated classes you do. Another example is that if you want to learn extreme English like Shakespeare then that what you join, yet simple English like what we currently have is a must. Sort of like the theory of multiple intelligences, where you may be amazing at linguistic, but suck at kinaesthetic which would mean you are still smart, just at something else, like it said in the video.


One thought on “Week Five Reflection

  1. Hi Sam,

    There were LOTS of lessons for your group! I am confident that the next few weeks will see a complete turnaround – and I am happy to support you all in that process. One thing that I believe is important is to ensure that each person has the oppotunity to speak & have their ideas considered. My sense is that some of the tensions arose because people didn’t feel listened to or felt pushed into things.

    You were entertaining – but the rehearsal would have made a world of difference!

    Well done for embracing the responsibility of being a leader – it’s important to be willing and able to step up and be supportive 🙂

    Do schools need to continue to provide basic maths refreshers all the way through? What is the likelihood that you would forget the basics that were taught in year 7?

    I hope that everything goes well this week – we will miss you on camp.


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