Learning Goals Reflection

I feel like I have achieved about 7 out of the 9 learning goals. I am sure some of the teachers might disagree with me and that’s completely fine. The goals I feel I have achieved are the following:

Orientation, Cooking, Public Transport, Justice & Law, Patience, responsibility and Organisation.

I feel like I have achieved these because of Galileo. Not to sound very full of myself but I think I was good at about 3 of them before Galileo, but I feel that Galileo has really boost all of them more.

The ones I haven’t really achieved are Problem Solving and Melbourne Streets. I believe this because the day we went to court I had to clue where I was meant to meet the others after we finished the survey. I had to go to Google Maps on my phone to find the way : ( Silly right?

I believe that the type of things we are doing on Galileo have really improved a lot. Especially the homework, since I really enjoy doing what we are doing and I think it is a great way to boost a lot of things. I also think class work is really good for my topics because we do different things that require different thinking. Also, to be fair, Food Tech has helped with my cooking, even though I’m already a fantastic cook 😉   <<< Winkie face by the way.

I believe that to achieve all my goals, I have to ask for help when I need it. Also I think I should spend a bit more time learning how the streets operate, because even though the city is a grid, you CAN still get lost. Also I think that if I don’t understand something then I should ask what it means or what needs to be done.


One thought on “Learning Goals Reflection

  1. Hi Sam,

    Well done on being able to celebrate so much success 🙂

    You have clearly dedicated yourself to embracing all that Galileo has to offer and it is paying off! I am sure that you will continue to build on your learning goals over the remainder of the term.

    I think that team project will provide you with opportunities to familiarise yourself with problem solving – you will continue to have lots of opportunities to explore Melbourne’s streets in all aspects of Galileo.



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