Critical Question- Is Melbourne Fair?

Is Melbourne Fair?

The dictionary states that Fair means “In accordance with the rules or standards” also it states “Without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage” these to statements are both directly related to fair, but different to each other.

Now, I highly believe that Melbourne is an incredibly fair place if you compare it to other places in the world such as Singapore or the UAE who still have the Death Penalty. Many other countries also have them in the World, which can be a major disaster for many reasons.

Melbourne is under democracy, this means that every adult has the privilege to vote and say what they want to. I am sure that many people take it for granted and some people probably can’t be bothered doing it, but they vote because they don’t want to be fined. Also when someone is voting they vote in private so they don’t have to worry about anyone judging them on what they have decided.

When we went to the Court on trail, I saw how awesome our legal system worked. I don’t really agree with the fact that random people can walk in, since it is an invasion of privacy and may make them feel uncomfortable. The case I saw was a very interesting one and I think it was very fair. They were given time to talk to the offender which meant that they would have a fair case. Also we are lucky to have a non-bias justice system which means that everyone can get a fair trial. We are also very lucky to have the type of laws that we do. This means that everyone has the right to remain safe and happy. In some other countries there are bias judges and people. Everyone is given a chance to prove they are innocent even if they have done something bad. This is why I believe that everyone is treated fairly.

Melbourne is a place where everyone is welcomed, gay people, straight people and people from all around the world are treated the same. They are all given the same chance that an Australian person would be given, this chance covers everything, from work to simply walking in the street, they are not looked at differently. In fact they are loved by many people. Peoples Religion are not insulted whether they are Muslim to Christian, they are all respected and treated the same like I have said over and over again.

Melbourne’s Law and Justice System treats people well. Of course the people who have committed a crime might get treated a bit differently compared to how normal people live. This normally means having a bad bed, a small cell, and not amazing quality food, sometimes not having great hygiene privileges and sometimes no natural lighting. Though I must say that the person who has to live under those conditions have committed a crime and should be treated that way since they have done a crime.

In many countries though being Gay or a different Religion is illegal. <<< This website shows that over 76 Countries in the World have Homosexuality being illegal. For many people this might be ridiculous and outraging, but whatever they do, they can’t change it. The website also has a link that states that Ukraine might BAN talking about Homosexuality.

Many people say that Melbourne is unfair because the number of abuse to Gay people and people with different thinking is so high, I have mostly gotten hold of this information from the little surveying that we did on the 2 days of trail that we had. I know that some people went to the Salvation Army place, and they might have more detail about Melbourne’s unfairness.

At one time Melbourne was quite unfair. When I visited the Old Melbourne Jail, we found out that one person was hanged and I believe that 86 years later they found out he was innocent, but it was too late. I also believe that the Death Penalty was very unfair to many people, because I strongly believe that the best way to punish someone will be to let them sit in a Prison and think about what they have done, they will most likely regret it. I do believe that it is unfair that people are judged on the fact that they have a Criminal Record. I believe this because maybe that person has truly changed, and then when they try to start fresh, they get rejected because of something they have done in the past. So this can be quite unfair. Though in some cases this is true, I believe that this happens quite rarely now, which is good.

So to sum this all up, I would have to say that Melbourne is a far place. Due to the fact that everyone has the right to speak their mind, vote and even have a fair trial. Melbourne is a place with lots of opportunities which anyone can have if they try. I think we are lucky to have such a fair place because many people don’t. The criminals are treated the way they should be and the good people are also treated the way they should be. So again I say, I think Melbourne is fair.


One thought on “Critical Question- Is Melbourne Fair?

  1. Week 4 – Critical Question Assessment


    Hi Sam,

    You have successfully shared your perspective about how fair you believe Melbourne to be! You have presented your arguments and your evidence in a clear, detailed manner – well done for taking my feedback from your health response into consideration.

    You must remember to include your references at the end! For instance – you clearly quoted a dictionary to help you define fairness [which was a great start to the essay] – however – you haven’t acknowledged which dictionary that definition came from.

    Keep an eye out for the random capitalization of words – you only need to capitalize the following: proper nouns [‘I’, names of people, organisations and places] and the first word in a sentence.

    Well done on this effort – you have raised a number of very interesting perspectives – I am also conflicted about the value of having an open and accessible court system and the importance of protecting people’s privacy. Do you think that Australia’s reluctance [or the politicians’ reluctance] to legalise gay marriage has a negative impact on Australia’s overall fairness?



    Coherence of argument: level 1 of 1
    Use of evidence: level 1.5 of 2
    Further Research: level 1 of 1
    Multiple Perspectives: level 1 of 2
    Critical Thinking: level .5 of 1
    Expression & language use: level 1 of 1

    These levels refer to the

    Assessment Rubric.

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