Positive Journal Day 6 & 7

I’m sorry I’m not doing 5 for Saturday and Sunday, it’s just that I did do five and then I refreshed the page I did it on, so I lost everything 😦 So I’m only going to do 3 for each, I hope you don’t mind.

Day 6: The three things I am grateful for today are…

1. New Jeans- I got new jeans today and I am really happy, I can’t wait to wear them since I stopped wearing my old ones because they have a hole at the knee. I love jeans because they look good are comfy and keep me warm. The jeans were also a pretty good price for the quality of them. So its a win win win situation.

2. My jacket- It was cold today and we had to go shopping to buy food. My jacket kept me warm all day and that made me feel good. I am glad I have a comfortable jacket to keep me warm on the cold days so i don’t get sick. I love the cold, but I also love my jacket.

3. T.V. In my room- I love having a t.v. in my room because when my little 2 year old brother comes into my room he trashes everything, the t.v. keeps him occupied and so he does not ruin everything in my room. All I have to do is turn it on and switch it to his channel. It is also useful for when my mum watches somthing on the main t.v. in the living room I can just go to my room.

Day 7: The three things I am grateful for today are…

1. My phone- It was really boring today and also we were out for almost the whole day. I was lucky that I had my phone with me to keep me occupied and happy. I talked to my friends and played games for most of the while and the time flew by quite quickly. I love my phone and I use it quite a bit, except for school cause thats bad.

2. Hot Chocolate- I had hot chocolate today and I was really happy. I have not had it in ages and it just felt sooo good to have it today. It was a epic warm drink that soothed my throat and kept me warm when we were outside. I just love hot chocolate but I would exchange it anytime, ANYTIME for tea.

3. Car- It was quite cold today and the fact that we had to go out made it worse. Lucky we have a car and we used that the whole day. It was nice and warm inside the car and it was also a good rest since I was quite tired, I think I might have slept in the car if we didn’t come home early. The car is so comfy and warm and I love it.


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