Health Week Reflection

I really enjoyed Health Week, I enjoyed it soo soo much, it was the best week of Galileo I have had so far. I really enjoyed the fact that we could choose our own classes and our own trail. I am so happy that we were given the option to do so cause to be honest I wasn’t really thrilled about the whole 1000 steps thing. I think it is a great idea that students can choose what they want to learn and what they want to do because it gives us a feel that we have more control over our learning.

I think that it was really interesting seeing what I was grateful for and found out that even in a bad day there is always something positive that happened but seems like it is normal for us. I think that the positive diary made people see that even the little things are important. I really enjoyed keeping a Positive Journal and I liked looking back on my day to find 5 good things that happened. I actually found a lot and that’s the main reason I chose to do 5 instead of 3 things.

Really I feel quite worried for my team project group. Mainly because I prefer working alone and knowing what needs to be done. Personally I would have at least liked one person from my class to be in my group, so I could at least have someone who I could put some trust on. It may seem like I’m backstabbing them but this is just how I feel. Normally I would do all my work when I’m working by myself and know that everything is up to my slandered, so I am just hoping that I won’t have to be the one to do all the work in the end, because I have done that MANY times before when I have worked in a group and someone hasn’t done the work or turned up to hand it in.

I am also worried about the whole Popplet thing because I have never used it before and am really worried about how it’s going to turn out.


One thought on “Health Week Reflection

  1. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your honesty with your team project reflection – I will sit down with your group quietly tomorrow and see where things are at – we have been in some pretty noisy environments – I think I will cap the music until everyone is settled into their work.

    Will you continue with the positivity journal? It seems like it brought you a great deal of pleasure to note down the things to feel joyful about 🙂

    I hope that Justice Week is equally engaging!


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