Positive Journal Day 5

The five things I am grateful for today are…

1. Not having to do the beep test- I dislike the beep test, in fact I’m not even going to be nice I hate it, that’s right hate it. When I was asked do I want to do the beep test, I thought John was joking, but he was serious and I just became extremely happy. It made me feel like I could sort of decide what I wanted to do in my sport life, instead of “You must do this, and you must do that”. So I will say it, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR GIVING ME A CHOICE.

2. My friendship group- I just love my friendship group and I think that we make an awesome pack, we all have different traits, fears and judgement of things. Every day goes by fast because of them and I enjoy every moment I spend with them. We do all types of things and are all funny in our own way. I am so happy that I have this awesome group of friends and would never change it for anyone.

3. Having a comfortable bed to sleep in at night- I remember when I would go to Macedonia we would always sleep on couches and like sponge sort of things on the floor, because we would stay with family and beds would be ridiculous at the time. Now that’s changed and most of them have beds. What I mean by that is that when I came home today, tired and worried, I changed my clothes and just lay down on my bed, and you know what, all that worry and tiredness went away.

4. Having a safe home- A lot of places are dangerous and I am just happy that I live in a good place where I feel safe in and also know I’m safe in. I feel good knowing that the only real way someone can break into my house is if we left the front wooden and security door open, since the 2 windows that can actually be accessed have strong wire mesh things that are over it. The only other way to break into our house is from the 4 windows in the house that are 5 stories from the ground. So I feel very safe when I’m in my home.

5. Fridays- I am so happy right now because it is Friday. Friday = No school the next day = Not having to wake up early = Sleeping quite late = doing whatever I want. That is why I love Fridays in Mathematical ish terms.


One thought on “Positive Journal Day 5

  1. Sam – I’ve shared your reflection about the beep test with John – it’s so fantastic to realise when you have supported someone else’s experience 🙂

    I can’t wait to meet your mum and see the love that you both share! I already have a good sense of the vibrant friendship group that you enjoy – it’s lovely to see 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend!


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