Positive Journal Day Four

The five things I am grateful for today are…

1. Food Tech Classes- I really enjoy cooking and doing theory work. It is just even better that those two things are put together to create one awesome subject. I love walking into a theory class and actually working with food. I also love the work we do in Food Tech and I think that anyone who loves cooking would love to do Food Tech. I love creating good food, it makes me feel good. I love using proper equipment to cook. I also really found it funny today when we were looking at the food labels and the chicken strips which the canteen serves only actually have 42% of chicken.

2. Doing the Community Service- Today I was quite entertained and I had a good amount of fun when we went to North Melbourne Primary School. Firstly we watered some plants and there is a funny story to what happened. Reem went to refill her watering can when she turned on the tap and she could not stop it, water was everywhere, but luckily I was around and tried to turn the tap off… Turns out that the taps key thing was a bit fiddley and sometimes doesn’t work, so that was a fun experience and I can’t wait to go back and do more work. We also helped out in the library as well and talked to some kids.

3. My Desktop Computer- Seriously I love my computer, it saves me so much and is very fast with a lot of hard disk space. I use it for everything. From homework to playing games, my computer is extremely flexible. I have all my files on it, and it is incredibly important to me. All my homework is done on it and every single time I don’t have one problem, though that might be because I put what I wanted into it. What I mean by that is that I bought the parts I wanted, bought a computer case, and put everything into it, installed everything including the windows software. I just love my computer.

4. My Mum- I have never thought about it before but my Mum has taught me everything I know. From cooking to cleaning everything I can do is because of her. I love my Mum and she knows it. She always tells me that everything she is teaching me is going to come in handy one day in my life, and the thing is its true. Because of her I can cook, clean, fix things including computers and laptops. If it was not for my Mum I probably would have a completely different attitude and completely different friends.

5. Living in Australia- I am happy to live in such a good country. We have everything we need and more in Australia and I just love it. About once a month I think about if I lived in Macedonia how different my life would be. I probably would have nowhere near as much luxuries as I currently have, and would be living a very different life. I love living in Australia but the one thing which would make it the best place in the world, would be snow.


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