Positive Journal Day 3

The 5 things I am grateful for are…

1. The awesome day- Today I had an epic day. I really enjoyed everything we did and I laughed a lot. I think that today was the best experience I have had so far in Galileo, and I defiantly think it should be down again. It was calming today and was a great way to boost you Social and Mental Health. I really enjoyed just walking around doing random things and would defiantly do it again if I could. I also really enjoyed the food and tea at Lentils as anything.

2. The amazing tea- I was really sad that I paid $3.80 for some terrible tasting tea. When I went to Lentils as anything, even though I waited a bit, I tried the tea and a massive smile came across my face. I was just so happy with myself and happy with the tea. Every sip I took I just felt like all the bad things were just going away. The lunch also improved everything. I was so happy with the tea, just soo happy.

3. Being around friends- Today I was happy to be with the group I was in today, and I was even happier when I found out that two of my friends were going to be with me as well. The rest of the day turned out great and I had so much fun hanging around with my friends.

4. The good food I had- I was really impressed with the quality of the food. I loved the range of different things and thought that the food was perfect for this type of weather. The soup was the highlight for me, It tasted really good (until we put sugar in it) and I just had to get one for a friend. He also enjoyed it (until he put sugar in his) and thought it was yummy.

5. The cold weather- I was happy with the weather today. It is the weather I really like and enjoy. I love cold weather and I love it when it rains. It just added to my list of great moments and I cannot wait for winter, when the real COLD starts and the rain is heavy. I only wish that it would snow as well, that would be the most amazing weather.


2 thoughts on “Positive Journal Day 3

  1. A super day! Did you enjoy the animals as well? Great feedback on Collingwood Children’s Farm as a place to run trails – it was our first time with them šŸ™‚

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