Critical Question – What makes a joke funny?

Critical Question – What makes a joke funny?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of Funny is “Causing laughter or amusement”

A joke might be funny for you but not funny for me. What I mean by that is that if I was to say, “I bet the butcher that he couldn’t reach the beef on the top shelf and he said that the steaks were too high” to you, you would laugh, yet if I say it to somebody else they might not find it funny, so what I mean is that everyone has their own sense of humour and they might think a jokes funny and I would not.

We found out that there are many different types of comedy; these include One Line Comedy, Story Comedy, Slapstick Comedy and a few others that I have forgotten. I believe that Slapstick Comedy was more on sounds and those things according to the video we watched. One line Comedy is literally one line comedy and Story comedy is comedy played out in a story according to Wikipedia. A joke can be played out in many different ways and can sometimes involve no words like what The Nelson Twins showed us when they did a Comedy Workshop with us.

Now to get to the actual question at hand… I believe that a joke must be said by someone who can say it correctly and in a voice that is related to the question. It should have a good punch line and an interesting question, for example “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side” is not a very amazing joke; at least to me it’s not. Some people may find it really funny, but I don’t. Some people find lame jokes funny and some people find Knock Knock jokes funny. It depends on their sense of humour.

As we found out when we went on trail it is quite hard to make certain people laugh. I did make one person laugh, though I think it was a forced laugh since I don’t exactly think “What do you call a cow that eats grass? A lawn-Mooer” an amazing joke. Still it was very nice to see someone laugh when Milla started to dance randomly and I think he did the best job at making someone laugh. Jokes are hard to do because of the audience you are saying them to. If I was to tell an immature joke to an old woman, I don’t really think she would laugh now would she. The same goes for if I told a serious joke to a young person, they wouldn’t laugh either

Sometimes I think I have a really bad sense of humour and other times I think I have a really good one.  I really like lame jokes like “A man walked into a bar, Ouch” because for me they are really funny and stupid, it makes me laugh a lot and that’s a good thing. Yet a joke such as “Knock Knock, Who’s there? Boo, Boo Who? Stop crying” Isn’t funny to me. That is just the way I am. To me story telling stand-up comedy is probably the best type of comedy because it engages you and makes you want to pay attention, though those are just my thought. I guess that is just the way I am.


Oxford Dictionary


Camp Week

I was not on camp…

My week was alright. It was pretty boring except for the main reason that I stayed home. I did the normal things besides that. I looked after my brother the best I could, that included feeding him and other things like that. The rest of the time I was out doing something which I rather wouldn’t discuss and when I had time to myself I would stay on the computer.

I have to say that I would really have enjoyed going to camp, and the most entertaining thing I have done these few days is writing this up and maybe watching a video or movie, which wasn’t really enjoyable by the way. I really can’t wait to go back to school because I really enjoy it. There were a few exciting moments these few days, but nothing amazingly exciting and entertaining.

The most challenging experience I have had these days was being bored and looking after my brother… He is SUCH a cheeky baby, and he can’t sit in the same place for a second. Though it must be said he did give me some entertainment when I wasn’t doing other things.

The way I overcame these challenges was by trying to keep myself busy when I felt like I needed something to do. My brother on the other thing was a hard thing to overcome, and I had to put him to sleep to get him to go to sleep, which would take AGES, and sometimes he wouldn’t even go to sleep which just made more trouble for me, but still it was an enjoyable few days…

I can’t wait to speak to my friends though, because my phone is actually buzzing with messages 🙂

Week Five Reflection

Mini Trail

I think the Mini-Trail could have been planned a bit better, because we went to the Magistrates Court on Monday, waited half an hour for court cases to actually begin, stayed there for about 1 more hour, then headed off to the Kurri Heritage place where Reem got some Aboriginal Law History. We also ran quite late because of this and I believe that if we had planned everything better, we would have been on time and had a better experience.

The presentation turned out to be quite a big flop out. It wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped for it to be, and was actually not planned properly and went over the time limit, because we hadn’t rehearsed. Now even though I might be partly to blame I must also add this, I did tell my group that at the beginning of lunch we would meet at the loft and rehearse, I was there like I said, but a few members of the group did not turn up until it was extremely late and the bell had rung. These people were also not contactable and really had left the group down. When it came time to present we were left in a train crash situation, but I do think that we entertained the crowd slightly and that might have brought us up a bit.

I was sort of a leader in our group and I helper. I tried to help the actual leader and give her some ideas. I think I did this part well, I also tried to settle some squabbles in the group but I feel that it hadn’t really worked as I hoped it would. I think I have learnt that I need to maybe give the team a little push, and to realise that even though we are away from mainstream school, it is still school as is still as serious as ever.

Education Week

I think our education system is quite good and teaches us well, though I do think that in the real world when are we ever going to need to use A = B + 2, are we ever going to use it buying food our filling the car with petrol. I think that unless you need it, schools should only teach you basic math, such as subtraction, multiplication, addition and division. Those are the core requirements in life, if you decide that you want to learn complicated math or Algebra or whatever, that’s when you should learn it. So basically what I’m saying is that you should have a choice in what you learn. Of course you can’t give up math, but I think you should have a choice if you want to learn complicated math, if you get what I’m trying to say?

What I’m trying to say is that simple math should be a core subject but complicated math should be a choice, like how we chose to do drama or food tech or whatever it is, except it will be ongoing, like if you do choose to do complicated math then you do it for the whole year, and if you had enough of it you can stop next year. That is the point I am trying to make, that you can decide the complicated classes you do. Another example is that if you want to learn extreme English like Shakespeare then that what you join, yet simple English like what we currently have is a must. Sort of like the theory of multiple intelligences, where you may be amazing at linguistic, but suck at kinaesthetic which would mean you are still smart, just at something else, like it said in the video.

Critical Question- Is Melbourne Fair?

Is Melbourne Fair?

The dictionary states that Fair means “In accordance with the rules or standards” also it states “Without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage” these to statements are both directly related to fair, but different to each other.

Now, I highly believe that Melbourne is an incredibly fair place if you compare it to other places in the world such as Singapore or the UAE who still have the Death Penalty. Many other countries also have them in the World, which can be a major disaster for many reasons.

Melbourne is under democracy, this means that every adult has the privilege to vote and say what they want to. I am sure that many people take it for granted and some people probably can’t be bothered doing it, but they vote because they don’t want to be fined. Also when someone is voting they vote in private so they don’t have to worry about anyone judging them on what they have decided.

When we went to the Court on trail, I saw how awesome our legal system worked. I don’t really agree with the fact that random people can walk in, since it is an invasion of privacy and may make them feel uncomfortable. The case I saw was a very interesting one and I think it was very fair. They were given time to talk to the offender which meant that they would have a fair case. Also we are lucky to have a non-bias justice system which means that everyone can get a fair trial. We are also very lucky to have the type of laws that we do. This means that everyone has the right to remain safe and happy. In some other countries there are bias judges and people. Everyone is given a chance to prove they are innocent even if they have done something bad. This is why I believe that everyone is treated fairly.

Melbourne is a place where everyone is welcomed, gay people, straight people and people from all around the world are treated the same. They are all given the same chance that an Australian person would be given, this chance covers everything, from work to simply walking in the street, they are not looked at differently. In fact they are loved by many people. Peoples Religion are not insulted whether they are Muslim to Christian, they are all respected and treated the same like I have said over and over again.

Melbourne’s Law and Justice System treats people well. Of course the people who have committed a crime might get treated a bit differently compared to how normal people live. This normally means having a bad bed, a small cell, and not amazing quality food, sometimes not having great hygiene privileges and sometimes no natural lighting. Though I must say that the person who has to live under those conditions have committed a crime and should be treated that way since they have done a crime.

In many countries though being Gay or a different Religion is illegal. <<< This website shows that over 76 Countries in the World have Homosexuality being illegal. For many people this might be ridiculous and outraging, but whatever they do, they can’t change it. The website also has a link that states that Ukraine might BAN talking about Homosexuality.

Many people say that Melbourne is unfair because the number of abuse to Gay people and people with different thinking is so high, I have mostly gotten hold of this information from the little surveying that we did on the 2 days of trail that we had. I know that some people went to the Salvation Army place, and they might have more detail about Melbourne’s unfairness.

At one time Melbourne was quite unfair. When I visited the Old Melbourne Jail, we found out that one person was hanged and I believe that 86 years later they found out he was innocent, but it was too late. I also believe that the Death Penalty was very unfair to many people, because I strongly believe that the best way to punish someone will be to let them sit in a Prison and think about what they have done, they will most likely regret it. I do believe that it is unfair that people are judged on the fact that they have a Criminal Record. I believe this because maybe that person has truly changed, and then when they try to start fresh, they get rejected because of something they have done in the past. So this can be quite unfair. Though in some cases this is true, I believe that this happens quite rarely now, which is good.

So to sum this all up, I would have to say that Melbourne is a far place. Due to the fact that everyone has the right to speak their mind, vote and even have a fair trial. Melbourne is a place with lots of opportunities which anyone can have if they try. I think we are lucky to have such a fair place because many people don’t. The criminals are treated the way they should be and the good people are also treated the way they should be. So again I say, I think Melbourne is fair.

Learning Goals Reflection

I feel like I have achieved about 7 out of the 9 learning goals. I am sure some of the teachers might disagree with me and that’s completely fine. The goals I feel I have achieved are the following:

Orientation, Cooking, Public Transport, Justice & Law, Patience, responsibility and Organisation.

I feel like I have achieved these because of Galileo. Not to sound very full of myself but I think I was good at about 3 of them before Galileo, but I feel that Galileo has really boost all of them more.

The ones I haven’t really achieved are Problem Solving and Melbourne Streets. I believe this because the day we went to court I had to clue where I was meant to meet the others after we finished the survey. I had to go to Google Maps on my phone to find the way : ( Silly right?

I believe that the type of things we are doing on Galileo have really improved a lot. Especially the homework, since I really enjoy doing what we are doing and I think it is a great way to boost a lot of things. I also think class work is really good for my topics because we do different things that require different thinking. Also, to be fair, Food Tech has helped with my cooking, even though I’m already a fantastic cook 😉   <<< Winkie face by the way.

I believe that to achieve all my goals, I have to ask for help when I need it. Also I think I should spend a bit more time learning how the streets operate, because even though the city is a grid, you CAN still get lost. Also I think that if I don’t understand something then I should ask what it means or what needs to be done.

Critical Question- Is it hard to be healthy in Melbourne?

Is it hard to be healthy in Melbourne?

The definition of healthy is “being in good health, feeling fit and healthy” this is according to the dictionary.

So being healthy In Melbourne can be quite difficult and easy since there are many different aspects to consider. One of them is that there are fast food places at every suburb, so you can’t run away from fast food joints. Another aspect to consider is that there are gyms everywhere and you can do many things in Australia to stay healthy. Many people say it is very easy to stay healthy, but others say it is quite difficult to be healthy. What I can say so far is, if it is so easy to be healthy in Melbourne, then why are so many people obese in Melbourne? Though it must be remembered that there are different ways to be healthy, this includes Mental Health, Physical Health and Social Health. So that means that everyone is and isn’t healthy in some specific way. Correct?

I will be telling you how it can be difficult and easy to be healthy in Melbourne. Firstly I will talk about how it can be difficult to be healthy in Melbourne.

People also say that it is too tempting to buy food, such as KFC, Maccas, Hungry Jacks or Red Rooster; because it is really yummy and sometimes homemade food takes too long to prepare and make. There are also the people who wake up really early for work and therefore cannot eat any breakfast, so they eat at fast food joints located everywhere. Fast food is quite a problem, because they are located everywhere as I have already mentioned. The thing about fast food is that they are located everywhere. Where ever you go, there is sure to be a fast food place around a corner or simply across the road. It is actually ridiculous, just in the CBD of Melbourne there are 33 places where you can get Maccas from, when Mc Donald’s started there were simply 33 in the whole of Melbourne. That is why it is sometimes hard to resist fast food, every corner you turn there is another fast food joint that is just piling up the money.

A test run by a website called “SPARKPEOPLE” showed that Healthy Food can sometimes be much more expensive than buying fast food. People said and I quote: “I can’t afford to buy healthy food.” “Fruits and vegetables are too expensive.” “Grocery store prices are astronomical.” “It’s cheaper to eat fast food.”  The amazing thing is that a lot of the times these claims came to be true. In fact about 40% of the time did these claims come up to be fake, which is completely ridiculous and unfair to families with low wages.  For just $27.89c you can get 2 Big Macs, 1 Cheeseburger, 16 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Small Fries, 2 Medium Cokes and 2 Small Cokes. A Healthy meal for about the same price has 1 Potato, 1 Piece of Salmon and about 4 Pieces of Lettuce.  I’m sure you will choose the fast food option, which you can feed 2 Adults, 2 Children and 1 enfant.

Now I will talk about how it can be easy to be healthy in Melbourne.

On Wednesday, we went on our first trail for the week. We were able to choose where we wanted to go, and we were given three choices. One was going to a farm, another was doing a Zumba course and the last was climbing 1000 steps. I personally chose the Farm and I had quite a good time. I believe that the farm experience I had was very good for Mental and Social Health. Since we did a bit of gardening, which required putting all your anger trying to kill some weeds. We also feed animals and ate at a lovely place. From my observations I believe that the Zumba and 1000 steps were probably more of a Physical and Social Health aspect. I believe this because from the questions I have asked and a bit of general knowledge dancing and climbing steps can be quite good exercise, that leads to having good physical health. Also I know that dancing and walking can be a great way to talk with friends, since there is quite a bit of time burn. What we did was a good way to keep healthy, since being healthy can be measured in different ways. Later on Friday we had a session of sport, we did fitness training and played an awesome game of dodge ball afterwards. I know that this was strictly Physical Health with a bit of Social. This is because we ran about doing the beep test; we also did push ups, sit ups and the sit & reach to measure how flexible we were. This all seemed like great ways to be Physically Healthy. Others may say that being healthy requires vigorous work outs and tired muscles the next day.

Many people also go to the gym, they go swimming, they walk, run, clean, garden and do much more. There are many things to do in Melbourne which can keep you healthy in all the aspects. Firstly gardening or simply just talking to friends can be very good for Mental and Social Health. This is because when you are gardening, you are pulling weeds out, at times people do this aggressively and gardening helps them chill out. Talking to friends can also be a great way to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones. People who swim, run, walk the dog or go to the gym are improving their Mental, Physical and Social Health. This is because they are exercising and burning fat, which equals to losing weight. They are also sometimes talking to other people and when they are frustrated they lose anger because they are focused on what they are doing.

So now that I have said my reasons and research I must come to a fancy conclusion. I have found it quite hard and easy to be difficult in Melbourne. It is easy because there are many different things out in the world for us to do. It is also hard because there are temptations and sometimes just lazy people. I have thought about this for some time, and I think this is a brilliant question to ask because it makes you think. I am not 100% sure about this, though if I did have to choose I would have to say it is not hard to be healthy in Melbourne. I say this because if you can resist the temptations of fast food. You can get out there and do many different things. Melbourne has an amazing range of ways for a person to keep healthy.

So get out there and experience what you can do. Whether it’s just simply walking the dog or climbing 1000 steps, to simply volunteering at a farm to doing Zumba. There are plenty of things to be done in Melbourne and there is a big culture in Melbourne to, with lots of different people.
-Sam Dzeladin 9S1 Galileo

By the way I hoped you like reading 1,203 words. If you didn’t enjoy it tell me and I will make it shorter.

Health Week Reflection

I really enjoyed Health Week, I enjoyed it soo soo much, it was the best week of Galileo I have had so far. I really enjoyed the fact that we could choose our own classes and our own trail. I am so happy that we were given the option to do so cause to be honest I wasn’t really thrilled about the whole 1000 steps thing. I think it is a great idea that students can choose what they want to learn and what they want to do because it gives us a feel that we have more control over our learning.

I think that it was really interesting seeing what I was grateful for and found out that even in a bad day there is always something positive that happened but seems like it is normal for us. I think that the positive diary made people see that even the little things are important. I really enjoyed keeping a Positive Journal and I liked looking back on my day to find 5 good things that happened. I actually found a lot and that’s the main reason I chose to do 5 instead of 3 things.

Really I feel quite worried for my team project group. Mainly because I prefer working alone and knowing what needs to be done. Personally I would have at least liked one person from my class to be in my group, so I could at least have someone who I could put some trust on. It may seem like I’m backstabbing them but this is just how I feel. Normally I would do all my work when I’m working by myself and know that everything is up to my slandered, so I am just hoping that I won’t have to be the one to do all the work in the end, because I have done that MANY times before when I have worked in a group and someone hasn’t done the work or turned up to hand it in.

I am also worried about the whole Popplet thing because I have never used it before and am really worried about how it’s going to turn out.