Positive Journal – Day 1

The five things that I am grateful for today are…

1. Family- I love my family and am so happy when I am around and with them. They always make me happy and make me feel safe and secure wherever I am. Sometimes there can be a rough moment in life, but they will always be there to help and support you, and that is vital to me.

2. Friends- I love my friends deeply, Its true that sometimes friends can be better than family since you have chosen them, but I strongly believe that family is very important in life. Being around my friends make me feel happy and bring a smile to my face. Good friends will help you with whatever you need, and I love that in a friend.

3.School- It’s a bit weird I know, but I enjoy school and love it. I believe that school is very important in life, but not to important. I am so glad to be privileged to go to school and meet new friends. The reason I love school is because it is a great way to meet friends and learn new things, and I know that in many places around the world people are not as privileged as me.

4.Food and Water- I was super hungry and thirsty today, and when I got home I had my food and I had a long drink of water. This may seem like such a little thing, but in other places of the world people are hungry and thirsty and they die. I have seen it and its very sad. Seeing something like that makes you think twice when you are eating something or even having a simple drink.

5. Home Essentiels (Bed, computer, hot water, warm home, those things) – I am lucky to be able to have these things. We have many things which sometimes I don’t even think are that important or I just don’t appreciate it as often as I should. Looking bad I see how lucky I am to have a simple cup of tea in the morning or even having a warm jacket while I was walking to school.


One thought on “Positive Journal – Day 1

  1. Sam,

    You are a really special person 🙂

    That positivity journal just added to my list of positive moments for my day!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what else takes shape this week.


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