Week Two Reflection

This week we had History week,

It was mostly a boring week for me and I did not enjoy the things we did. The only thing I did enjoy was the Coat Of Arms work, and that was because it was an art related thing where we could design our own thing. I’m not an art person though so don’t get me wrong.

There weren’t many surprises for me in this week of Galileo, but maybe it was because of the ruined week and the fact that we didn’t do many things. Maybe this coming week we will have more chances to do things and it will be more interesting and surprises.

I think I still know how I learn and that I haven’t really discovered any news ways I like to learn. I still know what I prefer and I like learning that way.

This week I believe that the disturbed week was bad for my learning because I believe that in those disturbed days I could have learned new things and would have had more information and interesting things to write about in this reflection, I know that it was bad for many reasons and I’m sure all the students could have learned something new if the days weren’t disturbed.

Personally I did not enjoy Friday, I felt as if it was not that educational for me and that I could have done something else to understand what we learnt on Friday. That is just my opinion of coarse and I am sure someone else thought that Friday was very educational for them.

I still think this week was an ok week and could have been much much better if it was not disturbed on wednesday and thursday. So lets just hope for the best, Goodbye.


One thought on “Week Two Reflection

  1. Hi Sam,

    Sorry to hear that the week fell flat for you… The disruptions definitely had an impact on the range of things that we were able to do together – particularly in terms of investigating history in action across Melbourne.

    What was it about the Koorie Heritage experience that left you cold? Was it the storytelling aspect?

    Let’s hope that Health Week proves to be more engaging for you!


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