Using Evidence – Homework Task

To me, Visual, written and oral is a great way to present something and I believe it worked quite well On History week when it was combined. I believe it is the best way for someone to really be engaged and learn well. If I had to choose one though it would have to be written, though to be fair none of these are always very reliable but for most of the time written history is the most.

This is my evidence as to why I believe this is the case:


As we found out when we went on trail on Friday, at times it was quite hard to hear what the lady was saying when we were outside. Even the teachers admitted that we should pay close attention because it was hard to hear, what words were coming out of her mouth. Also at times I felt as if she forgot what she wanted to say, but that could have just been me. In many cases history can be passed down from generations by word and can be messed up and can miss vital moments in the story. That is why I believe something being written is better than being told.


While I went researching over the web, I found out lots of written pieces of Aboriginal History that taught me more things then what we learnt on Friday. It was much easier to understand and hear, since it was all on paper and if I could not understand something I could easily reread it and get it. When something is written it cannot be forgotten since it is all there and can never be changed. I believe it is a great way to learn and that is why it is used everywhere in schools.


In class we had about a session where we looked at a few pictures and tried to determine what they were representing. There was a lot of guessing going on and there was almost never a definite answer. Pictures sometimes can be a great way to learn, but sometimes they can be completely incorrect and that can and will lead to many problems. Pictures can be incorrect and or made up. Pictures can be painted in 2012 when it is showing how life was in 2000. They can never be 100 present correct. Pictures are also sometimes difficult to understand without a caption, which is normally the case and, what is a caption…

A written text.


2 thoughts on “Using Evidence – Homework Task

  1. Hi Sam,

    You’ve done a good job of reinforcing your opinion that history that has been recorded through writing is the most effective way of presenting history.

    I think your argument about why oral history is flawed was extremely strong.

    Well done on being able to locate examples from across the week to use as evidence supporting your argument.

    When you use sources that are not from the week, you need to make sure that you completely identify where they came from – website, author, title, etc.

    I would have liked to see you acknowledge newpapers, journals, etc in your argument about the strength of written history – next time!

    Great effort overall 🙂


    • Ok, thank you for this insight and i will defiantly acknowledge newspapers etc next time I make an argument, this has been really helpful and I quite enjoyed writing this up

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