Learing Goals Have fun reading 724 words!

SKILLS: Orientation, Problem Solving and Cooking

KNOWLEDGE:Public Transport, Melbourne Streets and Justice and Law

PERSONAL QUALITIES:Patience, Responsibility and Organisation

IMPORTANT GOAL: Cooking- From Skills


Orientatian: Orientation is a incredibly important skill to have in life.Orientation is used to find and navigate your way around the city. It is going to prove very important when we start to go on trails, as we might be given directions and or other information to do with orientation.

Problem Solving: Problem Solving will be very useful in everyday life and also for galileo trails. As we found out on Friday, you need to be good at problem solving to figure out puzzles, quizzes, poems and clues.  Problem Solving can be a great skill to have  as you never know when you will need it.


Public Transport: Public transport is important in life, for many people it is used everyday. I don’t use it everyday and therefore am sometimes worried about where I am going, most of the time I am fine though. Still Public Transport is an important thing to know about and should not be giggled upon. Do you know how many people have got lost from not knowing where they were on Public Transport.

Melbourne Streets: It is of the upmost importance that you know your way around the city. That is why I believe knowing your streets is so important. If you did not know where you were going you would get lost immediately, even if the city is a grid, but if you know the city well with its streets you would have no problem navigating your way around and even giving directions to someone.

Justice and Law: Justice and Law in everyday life is so important because you must know what is right and what is wrong. You must know the law so that you don’t break it without knowing what you have done. It is also important to know the Justice system so you know that if you decide to kill someone you know the path you will face.


Patience: Patience is very important to have because well, you live in a big city and sometimes there are traffic jams or you wait one extra hour to get to see your doctor, it happens and it is important. I feel that if there was no patience in the world, the world would turn into an angry place where people are yelling at each other and are always getting upset at each other, but with patience people know that you must wait to get what you desire.

Responsibility: Being responsible is good to have, that way you know what is safe and what is dangerous. I know that being responsible is important in life for many reasons. One of those reasons are that, if you are responsible you will do your homework and get work done on time. I believe that being responsible is very important in life.

Organisation: Being organized is so very important to me. I am a bit of a freak when it comes to being organized and neat but, I try to keep it down so that it does not annoy anyone. Being organized is a great way to make sure your homework is done on time and that you have all the equipment required to do a specific job.


Cooking: I believe cooking is very important in life. I am already quite a good cook but I want to be better. I want to be better at cooking because if you cant cook, you cant eat, If you cant eat, you start eating out and eating junk food, while if you can cook you can eat healthy meals made by yourself.

To be a better cook I will need to read more cook books and learn new ways of cooking. I will need to have better equipment to use when I am cooking so that I don’t use something incorrectly.

Once I can cook quite well and make a wonderful delicious and healthy meal I will know that I have achieved my goal.

There will be a lot of things that will be in my way of achieving this goal such as Wrong equipment, Improper use of equipment and even just being bad.

The End


One thought on “Learing Goals Have fun reading 724 words!

  1. Sam,

    The rationale behind your choice of learning goals is very practical and should set you up well to experience a successful and enjoyable term 🙂

    Your knowledge of Melbourne – streets, random facts & transport will no doubt skyrocket over the next few weeks! It’s great to use maps in addition to things like Google – because then you are able to see where things are in a broader context.

    Working towards your chosen personal qualities will not only support you in the wider world – but should also make a positive contribution to your experience of group work 🙂

    Camp will be a great space to practice your cooking skills – you will be fully responsible for your culinary experience! Hopefully we will also have the opportunity to run some additional cooking experiences.

    Good Luck!


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