Week One Reflection

Galileo so far has been slightly fun. The most fun I have had would have probably been on Wednesday, when we went on trial for the very first time. I remember how funny everything was especially when Ilaria got us lost because she read the map upside down, that was a very funny moment, because the face she made when she found out she had it upside down was just soooooo funny.

So far I feel like Galileo has been slightly different from what I thought It was going to be like, but that’s not a bad thing. I know that week one was just the orientation week, and I’m guessing as we continue Galileo it will increase in my expectations of it.


What are your initial thoughts about your team project topic and group?

I am quite happy that I got The Law because that was one of the many topics that I quite liked and chose. I feel that our group has the potential that is required to work together and do a good job.

Has your sense of the group changed as a result of completing the trail together?

Yes, at first I was a bit worried about one of the group members, but then at the trail on Friday I found out that we worked quite well together and there was really no problem with communication. I am sure we will all do a great job on this whole thing.

What did you notice in terms of: leadership, cooperation, time management and humour?

I noticed that when it came to the crunch we all turned out to be good at the task at hand, there was a perfect amount of time management and we cooperated very well. The leadership was spread out throughout the whole group and we managed everything correctly, we all agreed on something and then performed it.

What have you already learnt about yourself [working in a new group]?

I have learnt that I can be able to lead when it is required, also that I am able to settle arguments and bring the team together, even though that was not really an issue.


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